Jun. 22nd, 2009 02:06 pm
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 God...I realized when I started this summer off with a promise to myself that I would become healthy that it would be hard...but didn't anticipate the soreness and the pain. 

Yes, I got a membership at the local gym and also got a personal trainer (so that there would be someone to motivate me when I absolutely lose steam in the third week or so...). Now all I have to do is to go almost every day...the first day with the personal trainer was horrendous...actually, it was the day after that was horrendous. I can't legs feel like they have 50 pounds tied to each feet and I can't climb stairs...which is imperative because I live on the second floor...Ugh.

Sorry, had to get that out. Have been moping around with self-pity for the last few days...but I am seeing some positive effects, which means that I now have the motivation to go another day to the gym. I suppose it'll be like this all summer? 

Anyway, to end the moping...are there any KakaIru fics that are absolutely classic that I can read? I've read too many to count, but would like to read some more...*puppy eyes* I'd appreciate any help! Thanks in advance...


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