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 This is my first entry just saying hi to all those people that I've friended...hi!

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Hey, you friended me! So... Hi and thanks ^_^


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*Poke poke*
Why would ~anyone~ wanna friend you. They'd have to be crazy!
*Checks friends list*
Doh! >_<

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*picks up a brick*
Don't you be givin' me lip, missy.
*points at friends list*
And that's where i'm stayin! (er, stalking... rummaging through trashcans... underwear drawers... it's all the same) ^_~

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*eyes brick worriedly*
Ok, ok. No need to go all crazy now. Looky what I has for you!
*Puts out new rubbish bin*
Go and play my crazy little stalkerette ^_^
*starts sneaking back to the safety of the shadows*

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Ooooh... look at all the shiny! A shoestring, some chocolate wrappers, a rotten banana... yo what's up with the discarded dolphin plushie? It's looks... er... mauled. o__O

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Hello and welcome to LJ ^_^
Don't mind the above between Mic and me. It's normal... well, 'normal' in its loosest terms :P

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Hi! No, I quite enjoy it!